Seven S Sparks Gold
"Big Shine"

AQHA #3823005

Seven S Sparks Gold

Earner of 263.5 points in 4 events, Seven S Sparks Gold is an AQHA Performance Champion with Superiors in Calf Roping, Heading, and Heeling earning 125 heading, 76 heeling, 62.5 calf roping points, and 1 halter point. Seven S Sparks Gold is the 2004 AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior Calf Roping Horse, 2004 AQHA World Show Qualifier in Heading, Heeling, and Calf Roping, 2004 AQHA Show Leader- 2nd in the nation in Junior Calf Roping, 3rd in the nation in Junior Heading, and 8th in the nation in Junior Heeling, 2004 Top Ten Open in Calf Roping & Heading. 2005 AQHA World Show Qualifier in Sr. Calf Roping, Sr. Heeling, and Sr. Heading, Earner of $2,514.64 (2004 AQHA World Show) and $7,306.01 (AQHA IF). Seven S Sparks Gold is also a money earner in barrel racing.

As a sire Seven S Sparks Gold, has sired AQHA point earners in Reining, Team Roping, and Barrel Racing. Seven S Sparks Gold has also sired AQHA World Show Qualifiers in Barrel Racing, along with money earners in open barrel racing.

Seven S Sparks Gold is sired by the great Shining Spark and his dam Missed Gold by Zans Gold Jack who was also a great performer and sire.

Seven S Sparks Gold sired good minded foals with great dispositions, very athletic. Seven S Sparks Gold was a true all around horse that also sired an all around performance horse.

Shining Spark {Genuine Doc {Doc Bar
{Gay Bars Gen
{Diamonds Sparkle {Mr Diamond Dude
{Pollyanna Rose
Missed Gold {Zan Gold Jack {Zan Parr Bar
{Miss Goldie Jack
{Missed Pass {Impasse
{Thirstys Red Lady

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